oh no...
— Mauvais, after being defeated in act 41.

Mauvais Chef is a commander of Team Different Dimensions. He is based on the user nerd_man.


Mauvais is an adolescent human male with long glossy black hair that appears to have white streaks dyed in it. His suit is purple, indicating his Stratus alignment.


While Mauvais rarely speaks, it leads to the theory that Stratus users are forced to be hard to interact with in exchange for their inherent goodness and powers. As all other documented Stratus users have some sort of social problem, this may be true.


  • Creates purple orbs that shoot squares at the players for medium damage.
  • Creates large black orbs to do low damage if anyone steps in it.


  • Mauvais' personality, and the style his speech is displayed could be a possible reference to the character Napstablook from the indie game Undertale.
  • Mauvais Chef means Bad Leader in french.