SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.

Nick Nebula is the leader of the Trumpet Gang, who is also known as Robot KING.

After the events of the Trumpet Gang Arc, Nick abandoned his identity as KING and now travels alone and disconnected from the Gang's remnants, hunting dangerous targets with his immense strength.

He later appears in the Keido Arc, leading the Dane Gang on a "bizarre adventure" to stop the Cartel as the only pure members of the Alliance left on Earth.


Nick Nebula has white long hair and wears a black suit with a fedora.

Unlike all other Trumpet Gang members, he is not a humanoid robot. Rather, he wears a robotic helmet with red vision and a white translucent fedora.

Moves (Enemy)

Incubo Colpo

Nick releases a giant energy ball to a random target dealing heavy damage to whoever it hits. The word Incubo Colpo means Nightmare Blow, which probably has something to do with Nick.

Strom's Nebula

Nick releases several balls of energy swirling around him, spreading across the map, which deals heavy damage to any who hits the energy.

In addition to these regular moves, Nick can mark a target to chase and be targeted by Incubo Colpo. This will be highlighted by masks and spears appearing near the targeted player.

During his fight while not Robot KING, he does not state out his attacks and his attacks are much faster and deal more damage.



Nick seems to be hunting Xor for unknown reasons, but most likely dangerous reasons as he ignored Drakon's questioning of his actions.

Chapel Coffman

Nick at some point had met Chapel, eventually looked into his eyes, allowing Chapel to listen to whatever Nick says, causing having Nick choose his words carefully. This is proven through once Nick accidentally reveals his location, Chapel immediately sends a minion to attempt to stop them through his artifact. Not much is known between the two besides this and Nick possibly having more information on the artifact than Chapel does, as Nick refused to tell the Dane Gang since he can listen in.