SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.
Sso if I pay you thiss much, will you be able to find Misster Ssnowdin?
— Nieve asking Has if he can find Chillian

Nieve Traidor is an intern, created by the user SoBored12345.


Nieve appears as an adolescent male wearing a fedora and antlers made out of adurite and white headphones. He also has green eyes and visible fangs.

Post 10-years

Nieve remains mainly the same after 10-years. Except for the fact all his hats/accesories turned adurite and his eyes going from green to red. Same goes for his swords which aren't the 50/50/50 pre-10 year nieve swords.


Reworked moveset.

Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Nieve fires a Phantom Blade, if Nieve hits a enemy swords will summon (You will spawn with swords) Unknown Unknown
E "Passive: Nieve's active swords will follow you. Active: Nieve can raise his blade and throw is at the nearest enemy." Unknown Unknown
R "Passive: Swords will break when they hit an enemy and do empowered damage on multiple hits. Active: Nieve's blades will spin at rapid speed. Recast: The Polarity of the blades switches. striking enemies inside the ring" Unknown Unknown
F "Nieve rides a blade for one second. He levitates tempoarily in the air to aim his shot (Recast for instant cast). A massive blade is shot in the target area. The enemy hit becomes Nieve's villain and will be auto targeted with empowered damage by his E." Unknown Unknown
T "Nieve will say "Come On" while striking a pose"

Before Rework.

Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fires a Repulsor Orb, shooting back enemies and dealing medium damage." unknown unknown
E "Nieve dashes towards the mouse location and summons a sword which will fight for him temporarily. Each swing does medium damage." unknown unknown
R "Reverse the polarity of the sword circle, cutting enemies in between Nieve's sword circle." unknown unknown
F "All of the swords Nieve summoned explode three times rapidly and then Nieve releases a burst of energy." unknown unknown

10-year moveset.

key function damage cooldown
LMB "Summons swords that attack for him. The final sword swing can stack in enemies, and also sticks into surfaces." unknown unknown
E "Teleports to all possible sword drops and does an AOE. If none are found, explodes AOE around self." unknown unknown
R "Summons 6 large swords around self that explode onto the ground. (Teleportable with E)." unknown unknown
F "Throws a large sword, Teleports to it and explodes up into a backflip, then throws 6 large AOEs forward." unknown unknown


Pre-10 Year (after the rework):

  • Increase Nieve's maximum health.
  • Increase Nieve's base damage. Nieve's blade form changes at 50/50/50.
  • Increase Nieve's maximum swords.

Pre-10 year(before the rework):

  • Increase the damage of Nieve's sword minions.
  • Increase the duration of Nieve's sword minions.
  • Increase the amount of sword minions spawned with E.

Post-10 year: if you know what these are, add them.

Increase maximum health only slightly

Increase damage on all moves slightly

Decrease cooldowns on all moves

Moves (Enemy)

  • Fires a small orb that sends players hit airborne.
  • Summons a sword which will fight for him targeting the closest player to Nieve. Each swing does medium damage.
  • Reverses the polarity of the sword circle, cutting players between Nieve's sword cricle.


He jokes around too much and hates snow. Nieve speaks in a slurred tone when it comes with the "s" in specific words. He adds an extra "s" to every word that starts with "s".



Stated at the end of Act 43, Nieve and Has seem to know each other and that Has just wanted to visit him

Chillian Snowdin

When Nieve was first encountered, he says "Sso, if I pay you this much, will you be able to find Mister Ssnowdin?" but nothing else is said from there. This quote implies that Nieve has a bad history with Chillian, and may have even hired Has to assassinate him, due to Nieve asking Has to "find him."


  • Nieve's full name is Spanish for "snow traitor" or "treacherous snow." This is likely an in-joke at the expense of Chillian Snowdin/UncreativeName123, due to his reputation as an insurmountably resilient and possibly overpowered character. Nieve's full name can be wordplay: Nieve Traidor - Naive Traitor.
  • If maxed out to 50/50/50 Nieve's swords will turn into Crescendos
  • Nieve is one of the few characters to recieve a full rework.
  • He's one of the 1 shot appearances that became a 10 year character.
  • The 10-year version of Nieve was made by sobored12345's brother. (With some additional help from darkkyraki)