Plague is an intern and a purchasable character in Devil Beater.


Plague wears the standard Narukami suit, with a green retextured Deathspeaker hat that covers its face.

Plague when chosen riding a green horse.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fire a plague ball, coating enemies in a noxious mist on contact" 50

60 lifesteal

0.5 seconds
E "Dash in the mouse direction, dealing damage to enemies hit on impact." 250 (Impact)

90 lifesteal

4 seconds
R "Slowly increase momentum, alongside increase damage slightly" 20 (first cloud)

200 (second cloud)

250 (third and fourth clouds)

120 lifesteal

10 seconds
F "Fire plagueshots in all direction, alongside being cloaked within." 20 per hit

30 lifesteal

25 seconds

Increase Plague's base damage.
Decrease Plague's attack cooldowns drastically.
Increase Plague's duration on all attacks drastically.


  • Plague is currently the Fifth most expensive character in the game costing 1,250,000 Gold and requiring the player to be Level 125 without the Unlock ALL Characters gamepass. The runner up is Ultoris Tenebrae.
  • Plague is the second character to mount a horse. The first character is Sly Villon.
  • Plague was originally the most expensive purchasable character but, now 10-Year Rufaro has claimed this title.
  • Plague can now be obtained as a tournament prize from the hosts. (This includes ARiNA_AZUMA, UncreativeName123, coltdrum, darkkyraki, ztothez123, MegaSmiley, Avaxus, SirVenon and SoBored12345.)
  • Plague is the first legit character to be obtainable both in-game and through tourneys.
  • Plague has the highest Level Requirement in the entire game. At lvl 125
  • Plague has the 4th lowest hp in the entire game at just 85.
  • There used to be a bug where Plague's speed decreases anytime R was used at 0/0/0, however it is now fixed.
  • Despite his weaknesses saying that Plague has low damage, at 50 he is capable of dealing 443 damage in LMB and 116 on his F, which is added on by his extremely low cooldowns, making him one of the best DPS and possibly tanks in the game.