That's another bet you lose, Cielo! Pay up!
— Reggie after watching the outcome of the tutorial fight

Reggie Pereskia is a member of Team Varia. Based off the player KingCactaur.


Reggie is a partially cloaked smiling figure. He wears a hood and a blindfold to cover his eyes, and a yellow suit. He also carries a yellow crystal shard containing his powers in his right hand at all times.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Reggie launches a cactus spike, siphoning miniscule health from the enemy. Unknown 0.2 Seconds
E Spike Capital Spikes are thrusted upwards from the ground in 2 waves, each siphoning medium damage. Unknown 0.5 Seconds
R None After being boosted into the air, Reggie pelts a rain of spikes against the enemy for medium damage. Unknown 2.5 Seconds
F Cactus Maximus! "Cactus Maximus!" allows Reggie to enter a sentry-esque mode dealing double damage with all non-movement related moves he owns and adding knockback to LMB.. Unknown 13 Seconds


-Increase 'Spike Capital' (E)'s size.

-Increase 'Spike Capital' (E)'s duration.

-Increase Reggie's maximum health.


Reggie is a swindler despite his youth, and remains in a formal attitude during most of his appearance, which is in the tutorial, and also later on during act 20.

The extent of Reggie's swindling is apparently a very strong one, as he states that while working with Jay Lucero, he "accidentally" caused the economy of the town of Studdton to collapse. From this, one can tell that Reggie is a rather conniving spymaster capable of integral sabotage.


Alaric Palisade

Reggie is likely work partners with Alaric due to their roles in the tutorial act, though not much is known about Alaric Palisade aside from more plausible theorization and his only line "Someone is coming."

Cielo de la Asad

Reggie claims that Cielo's bad luck is his main source of large income. This is done through betting, where Cielo frequently loses.


  • If you upgrade Reggie to 15/15/15 his projectile becomes twice the size. But making him 50/50/50 makes his projectiles around 10x the Size and turn into a legit cactus