River Vertus is an intern, and is based off of player, RainbyAnon. Bought in by UncreativeName123


River is a young male adolescent, who dons a blue-coloured suit. He has black hair and wears a purple headphones with cat ears and a scarf around his neck.


Key Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fires a whirlpool that follows the mouse. Applies a whirpool stack on hit. Whirlpool stacks increase the power of your next move." Unknown Unknown
E "River creates a rain-cloud above him, point lethal shots down below for medium damage." Unknown Unknown
R "River creates and rides a wave, dealing major knockback and medium damage to enemies hit." None Unknown
F "River creates a short burst of tsunami, which deals major knockback alongside insane range." Unknown Unknown


This isn't canon.

River is a seemingly hyperactive and cheerful person. He's optimistic and doesn't care if things don't work out. However, this is all part of a facade to correct his wrongdoings of the past. River normally has an impatient and snappy personality. This means he holds many grudges against people that others could consider as his friends. Despite his true attitude, he enjoys making water-related puns and jokes.


Lucifer Caliber

It's joked about that Lucifer is River's father, and Angelo is River's uncle. This is not canon.

December Shui

It is also stated as a joke that December is River's mother, meaning that the three of them are family.


  • River's old appearance is the same as General Keido
  • River is the second character to be bought into the game by someone other than the creator themselves. (that person being UncreativeName123)
  • River is noted to be holding his paintbrush by the bristles.
  • River has been known as one of the most hated characters in Devil Brawler. His knockback and r height bonus and e ruining melee's make him a threat.