Robot Flowe is a member of the Trumpet Gang.


Robot Flowe has a different appearance to the other Trumpet Gang members. He appears bald, has elements of FoF replaced as his torso. Robot Flowe appears to have no torso, or arms, with only his head appearing visible.


Robot Flowe speaks through the use of emoticons (i.e: ^-^, :<, etc) and answers questions with them. In this case, when Winchester was guessing names for Flowe he says :< when he gets it wrong, and :> when he gets it right. He only speaks when he is either about to die or about to lose fuel, or when using an emoticon that cannot be represented through text.


  • The Kreygasm emoticon is a reference to an emote of the same name from, a streaming website.
  • If you look closely to his FoF, you can see letters spelling "KHAOS"
  • Only Robot Flowe's legs appear in the boss fight, thats probably a bug.