Robot Joe is the commander of Flames of Fate factory. He is a member of the Trumpet Gang who can copy the player's skills.


Robot Joe has a violet suit, representing as a Stratus member of the Trumpet Gang. He has a helmet with two-way spoiler-like for the top part and a purple vision with a red circular eye vision.


Joe, while speaking in a highly robotic tone, is very intelligent. He is very sassy and always tries to pull the legs of his opponents.

Joe also seems to enjoy exploiting the fact that most of the Alliance is in the 13-18 age bracket, proven by the fact that he used the Trumpet Blaster as a stall for time so that he and the Gang's remnants could throw toilet paper all over the Alliance's base. As expected, this severely enrages Cielo, as Team Different Dimensions had done it before, taking a week to clean up.


When first encountered, Joe has copied Maurice Altara's entire moveset:

  • Joe fires an orb at a cost of his health. If it lands, health is restored and damage is dealt to the player hit.
  • Joe charges up energy around himself then releases it for an immense speed boost. (However, this move can glitch resulting in Joe beginning to walk backwards instead.)
  • Joe creates a massive Stratus explosion.
  • Joe charges energy to enter a zen state similar to Maurice's zen state, to release it all for a slight recovery afterwards.

During his second fight, he copies moves from several characters, such as: