Ruby is an intern. The creator is pupy31.


Ruby wears a yellow suit with bright red-yellow burning-like wings, resembling the phoenix wings. She has long, wavy blonde hair.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Bursts flames from your hand in a sentry style mode. The flames will move at a rapid speed towards the mouse target.
E Ruby soars up into the sky to hover for 10 seconds.
R Ruby releases a beam of healing into the sky, healing herself to full.
F Ruby calls upon a phoenix to chase down and assault enemies for 10 seconds.


-Increase Rubys' maximum health.

-Decreases the cooldown on all of Ruby's attacks.

-Increase Ruby's 'Pheonix!' (F) damage.


Currently unknown.


Currently unknown.


  • When F is in use, if the phoenix takes damage the player takes damage.
  • If Ruby's left click is spammed enough, she gains a huge increase in speed.


  • Ruby is one of the only characters who are still bad at 50/50/50.
  • Ruby's F move, where Ruby calls down a phoenix to assault enemies, is very similar to a ROBLOX gear that is also a phoenix that you call down to assault enemies.
  • Ruby is incredibly good for act 55 however she does blind players so its not recommended.