Rufu Ray is a playable character, scripted by darkkyraki with major help from HellaAric, Visleaf and drager980.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Swings a sword in front of Rufu for medium damage. In Gun mode however, fires a bullet where the mouse is being aimed." Katana:41

Pool Noodle:5

E None "Replace Rufu's sword with a pool noodle, reducing damage but drastically increasing healing and knock back." Unknown Unknown
R None "Dash either forwards, or towards the nearest enemy. If in gun mode, this dashes you upwards and causes you to start firing a barrage of bullets for a short time." Unknown Unknown
F None "Enter gun mode, allowing Rufu Ray to shoot from afar. After a while or when F is pressed, changes back." Unknown



Rufu Ray appears as a young adult, donning a purple-blue peacoat with a purple t-shirt. On his head, he is wearing a pot which is combined with headphones, and an eyepatch.


Will be worked on later.

Rufu Ray is an otaku.


  • When Rufu Ray was initially released (on September 24th), there was a bug which caused him to be unplayable.
  • According to darkkyraki, his pot acted as an inhibitor, or some sort of artifact that powers down the user, rather than power them up. The reason behind this is unknown.
  • Darkkyraki has also stated that underneath his pot hat, he does have hair, and in fact, has purple hair in the form of a pony tail.
  • Rufu Ray's appearance was originally intended for the late Empire Arc.
  • He is the third Empire Arc character to be added to the game, despite the arc's official scrapping.
  • The noise that plays upon pressing Q is a sound effect commonly used in Kabuki, a type of dramatic dance from japan. It is also commonly known to be overused in videogame levels that are supposedly japan-themed.