Secrets are various hidden features throughout the game, hidden in various areas.

Secret Characters

Secret Characters are characters who are obtained through unconventional means, usually through a secret or an easter egg. They consist of characters from a variety of groups, usually with powers that are similar to existing members. However, several of them have unique powers that are exclusive to them. They are not a real, existing group in the Devil Beater universe, but some of them belong to existing groups.

The list below includes all secret characters in the game. Note that some secret characters are non-upgradeable. Secret Characters are now upgradeable if you bought the gamepass, 1,000 robux.

Character Method
Senor Banana This prize is no longer given out, it is now replaced by sky island.
Senor Banana
Barkley icon Press a button in Act 7 in the dorms.
Charles Barkley
Awakened Cielo Defeat the D-Force for the first time.
Cielo de Asad (Phantom Mask Variant)
Demyx Activate the anomaly in Act 11.
Demixeur Rocktune
Rhinechi Activate the anomaly in Act 7.
2iC Defeat the D-Force for the second time.
Derek Von Strom the 19th Activate the anomaly in Act 28.
Derek Von Strom the 19th
Keith Defeat Keith.
Logan Blaze Defeat Logan.
Logan Blaze
Vantas Acantar Defeat Vantas.
Vantas Acantar

Time Skips

Skips are secrets that will allow the server to skip numerous acts, and are a little more elusive than characters.

  • Act VIII to Act XVII (Access the secret exit on the side as Charles Barkley)
  • Act I to Act XXII (Access the boarded-up door as Drakon Kyrane before the first wave of Bananubs are defeated)
  • Any Act to Act XXXVI (Lose all lives, and continues, encounter Act -1 and complete it, only mods can do this timeskip.)
  • Act XXVIII to Act XXIX (As D-Force Sig, access the door at the other end of the room before the fight starts.)
    • This effects on Act XLI where you have to battle Maurice after Leader Kidd for abrupting the timeline, making him to go a rampage due to unable him to buy cheese.

Easter Eggs

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