Senor Banana, also known as Señor Banana, is a secret character. It is unknown if the latter name was meant to be the official one, as the former name is grammatically incorrect.


Senor is a Mexican copy of Ducasse Jonquil, except he wears a sombrero, poncho, and a green and black outfit.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Senor Banana launches homing banana missles that deal constitent damage on impact. Unknown Unknown
Q None Senor launches waves of shurikens constantly for major damage. Unknown Unknown
E None Senor sends out multiple pillars of lightning in 4 directions for high damage. Unknown Unknown
R None Senor drops a taco bomb, that boosts his speed temporarily and causes an explosion after a period of time. Unknown Unknown
F Banana Split "Banana Split" Senor sends out banana spikes to EVERYBODY, draining health and dealing moderate damage to all enemies. Unknown Unknown


Senor maintains a serious attitude, and often uses "amigo" at the end of his sentence.


Ducasse Jonquil

Ducasse and Senor look very alike and it is safe to say that they have some sort of relation with each other.

Annencio Petrin

Annencio and Senor seem to be an alliance to each other as seen in Act I as Annencio tells Senor to beat the crap out of Shuu , Ducasse and Rufaro