Seth Nasmeh is a intern based on the user MegaSmoley (A fake account made by SonozakiRaito as an obvious parody of the user MegaSmiley).


Seth seems to have nearly the exact outfit/look as Rufaro Hyperius, except for the yellow suit. 

From his blurred icon, you can see that he is actually holding his own decapitated head in his left hand. The hat is also on his neck, instead of the top of his head. He shares his base model with Rufaro. From in game he's seen holding his head that look's much like Rufaro's head.


Key Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB Creates large explosions of chaotic energy around Seth. Can be activated up to 3 times at once. Unknown Unknown
E Temporarily increase damage and creates spikes that steal health from enemies it damages. Unknown Unknown
R Generates a very large blast in the shape of a head that does medium damage. Unknown Unknown
F "Heads Up"; Places Seth's demonic flail in replacement of its own head, increasing speed and health tremendously for a short period of time. Unknown Unknown


-Increases 'Heading Out' (R)'s range.

-Increases Seth's 'Chaos Ball' (Left Click) maximum count.

Increases 'Heads Up' (F)'s duration.


Seth has not made an appearance yet.


Rufaro Hyperius

Seth looks like a Rufaro duplicate, excluding his suit colour. There is a possibility that Rufaro and Seth have some sort of relation with each other, yet Seth has not made an appearance yet in any of the acts.