Shakti Rubrum is an intern. Shakti's creator is TheChakraTree.


Shakti wears a wizard hat, the minion goggles from the Despicable Me franchise, deer antlers, and a green suit. He has bright yellow skin and a gray beard.

When the team battles him, he wields a book.

While Young Shakti has brown hair and a green suit, with a black tie. He carries a stick and has a bored expression on his face.


Old Shakti

Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Fires a stick that deals low damage in the direction that you click. Fast firing [sic]" 50 per stick 7 Seconds
E Gai-Tree "Spawns a large tree where the player is standing. Is slow, but does large amounts of damage." 50 6 Seconds
R None "Fires a large leaf-shaped projectile that does medium damage. Can be used more than once." 50 per leaf 2 Seconds
F Gai-Roll "The player is sent forward in the direction they are facing. Medium damage upon contact with an enemy." 225 5.5 Seconds

Young Shakti

Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown "Strike forwards with his stick. does medium damage." 200 Unknown
E Unknown "Sprouts a sapling out of the ground, allows for good maneuvering and does medium damage on impact." 200 Unknown
R Unknown "Charge and creates a shield to block extremely heavy attacks." N/A Unknown
F Rollback "Dashes backwards for one second. Short cooldown." N/A Unknown

Upgrades (Original)

-Decreases the cooldown for Shakti's 'Gai-Tree' (E).

-Increases the maximum amount of branches Shakti can shoot.

-Increases the size of Shakti's 'Gai-Roll' (F).

Upgrades (Young)

-Increase Shakti's max health.

-Decrease Shakti's 'Rollback' (F) cooldown.

-Increase Shakti's base damage.


When first encountered, Shakti remains in a serious attitude, and he often ends many of this words with a "u". The "u" at the end of each of his words gives an impression of him speaking in a heavy Japanese accent. He is very cautious, for example where he told the team the forest is sacred.


Ducasse Jonquil (?)

Ducasse seems to know Shatki and his forest, but nothing more in a relation.


  • He is the only character to have a younger version added later than the original character.