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I will look until I die.
— Shuu, after Drakon tells him to stop holding up the team with his mirror

Shuu Lumina is a Team Dimensionia member and starter character, who is based off SonozakiRaito.


Shuu wears a yellow suit, and he has spiky yellow hair. His primary choice of weapon are dual flintlocks.

After Dimensionia's 10 year training, Shuu now has spiky white hair, a blindfold, and a arm armor. Shuu now wields a golden-like bronze katana.


Version 1

Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Fire bullets from Shuu's dual flintlocks. 20 (White) 10 (Black) Unknown
E None Release an energy pulse to swap ammunition; white for damage, black for speed." N/A Unknown
R Tango Rondo "Dash forward while firing from gun in a rampage." 20 (White) 10 (Black) Unknown
F RAMPARTO! "Enter rampage mode, your gun fires 5 times faster for a short time." N/A Unknown

Version 2 (Post-10 Year Training)

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Slashes in the area infront of him. Final swing can deal extra damage and knockback when executed correctly." 150

200 (final)

E None "Dashes in the direction Shuu is facing" None Unknown
R None "Jumping high in the air, Shuu creates a wind-slash in the direction he's facing." 150 Unknown
F None "Shuu gathers power quickly, and meteors begin sporadically raining from above." 150 per meteor Unknown


Increase Shuu's maximum health.
Increase Shuu's "Tango Rondo" (R) dash duration.
Increase Shuu's "RAMPARTO!" (F) duration.

Upgrades (Post 10-Years)

Increase Shuu's health
Increase the size of Shuu's R
Lower the cooldown of Shuu's F


Shuu is a very arrogant and narcissistic person, eager to voice his own opinions above others. He seems to care a lot about his own appearance, looking into his personal mirror often and becoming distressed when it breaks. His narcissism is also furthered if the player enters his dorm during Acts 7-8 or 20, as Shuu keeps tons of versions of the same suit on a clothesline, and has replaced one of his walls with a giant picture of himself.

Behind Shuu's excessive irritability, is an embarassingly weak mind. According to Zam, this makes Shuu the perfect host for him, which he finally posses him in Act 34. In Act 44, Shuu was unconscious after Zam was released from his body.

Post-Ten Years

After Shuu and the others leave their ten years of training, Shuu has received drastic personality changes. His narcissistic tendencies are now completely absent, and no longer bears the constant implied arrogance he had in the past. Shuu is also more submissive, but still holds a significant presence, compared to Rufaro who is now constantly belittled for reasons unknown.


Zam (?)

Shuu may be fully aware of Zam's existence, as in Act 30, he says "Z-" before blacking out. He could be referring to Zam, but not before blacking out. On Act 34, he was seen being possessed by Zam, but was unpossessed from him in Act 44.


  • Shuu used to have yellow healing bullets but were taken out.
  • In Act 12 along with Drakon, Shuu breaks the fourth wall by stating that "this dialog writer is no exception".
  • Shuu's last name "Lumina" is Spanish for Bright or Brighten up