It's my turn now. You lot are dead.
— Sig, preparing to face the team for the first time.

Sig is a member of the renegade mercenaries known as the D-Force. He is fought with his allies in Act 19 and Act 28, after Dong's defeat.


Sig wears a red suit. Like Tig, he wears a red mask and shades. However, he wears a kraken-like hat atop his head.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fate Orb Fires a Fate Orb to deal medium damage. Unknown Unknown
E Releases Fate Gas from Sig's body for medium damage. Unknown Unknown
R Blast the enemy with a Siphon Gas to steal a portion of their health. Unknown Unknown
F Fate: Encase! Coat the nearby battlefield in a painful mist, siphoning life from all enemies for 10 seconds. Unknown Unknown


-Increase Sig's total 'Fate Orb' (Left-Click) count.

-Increase Sig's maximum health.

-Decrease the Cooldown of 'Fate: Encase!' (F).


Sig constantly maintains a calm demeanor. He maintains a strong sense of loyalty, aiding anyone he is instructed to do so to.

However, this doesn't stop him from realizing the consequences of all of the actions he and everyone else have committed. As such, he is part of the reason Derek rises from the shadows to aid the Alliance in an alternate outcome to Act 28, where Sig leaves and Kidd quickly takes note, being well-researched in temporal studies.


  • Sig's name may be a pun on how the term "2iC" looks like: the letters "sic." "niC," standing for "nth in command [1st, 2nd, etc.]," is a common term in Roblox groups that have an internal hierarchy within one rank. As the D-Force have no ranking system and just a hierarchy, Sig is 2iC. 2iC looks like "sic," and sounds similar to "sig," thus, his name.