— Venon, after Dane attempted to say time, but instead said "Thyme"

Sir Venon is an intern and a member of the Dane Gang. Venon's creator is SirVenon.


Sir Venon wears a Purple Dimensonia suit and Purple Checkered Bow Tie, along with Purple Ice Crown and Brighteyes Top Hat. His skin is pure white.

Venon's preferred mechanism of attack is a disc jockey's table attached to suspenders that he wears on his shoulders. Ten years later, he upgrades to a very high-tech backpack that has a megaphone attached to it, whose properties enable him to go on the offensive.


Pre 10-Years

Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Launches an energy wave from Venon's body for medium damage. Unknown 0.5 Seconds
E None Sir Venon releases an energy wave increasing the damage of all allies by 25% for 5 seconds. N/A 5.5 Seconds
R None Sir Venon releases a large energy wave, healing all. N/A 9 Seconds
F None Sir Venon releases a large energy wave increasing the walkspeed of all nearby players by 10. N/A A LONG TIME.

Post 10-Years

Key Name Mildly Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Fire a blast from your Megaphone. .5 second cooldown, but reduced to .25 when supercharged. 180 (15'd)


(15'd Supercharged)

.5 (Normal).25 (Supercharged)
E None Drink from a bottle, healing 100 HP, and 200 when super charged. NOTE:This gives a dmg buff wich isnt descibed. Buff

+40 dmg

+60 dmg (supercharged)

8 seconds
R None Shoot your bottle, causing them to home in on the nearest enemy. 500 5 seconds
F None Put the bottle in your amplifier, causing all of your moves to be amplified. Buff 10 seconds
T None Venon does a taunt. None None (dark confirmed it)

Moves (Enemy)

  • Emits an energy wave from his body for medium damage.
  • Emits a small green wave, healing either Chester or Dane, whoever is close by.
  • Venon follows either Chester or Dane. He does not follow his nearest enemy.

Moves ( Enemy) 10-Year Training

  • Charges up a megaphone blast like his LMB then fires it


  • Increase Venon's maximum Health.
  • Increase the damage of Venon's E.
  • Increase the damage of Venon's Left-Click.

Upgrades (Post 10-Years)

  • Increase health
  • Increase F Duration
  • Increase Damage and Size of LMB


Sir Venon is somewhat rebellious, along with the rest of the Dane Gang. However, he is much nicer than Chester or Dane, and willingly and throughly explains their motives after being questioned with no need for extra pressure. Being a user of Stratus, this fits him, since its values seem to be focused on kindness and intellect. However, he is a harsh critic, being a DJ, and as a result breaks the fourth wall during the fight with Anatis Kirche to judge the music playing, much to Nick's chagrin.

He may also be drinking alcohol as he proclaims "it's time to get wasted" at the end of Act 29, only for Chester to break the fourth wall and deem it inappropriate for a kids' game. He also drinks a peculiar-looking liquid to restore his health in his Ten Years version and uses the same substance in his backpack.


Dane Vine and Chester Chai

Chester and Dane are Venon's comrades. However, Dane is a terrible leader and Chester is outright rude with his very large ego and childish manner of speech, which doesn't seem to meld well with Venon. In addition, Dane is frequently mocked for his lisp and unskilled leadership by Venon, which quickly spirals into a bad pun contest during Act 29.

Diablo Bufon and Reggie Pereskia

These two are much hated by Venon and the Dane Gang due to their glaring flaws. As interns have to work freelance when the teams are on missions, the Gang tend to stay away from them.


  • Venon is the first of the dane gang to get a 10 year form.
  • According to the creator of Sir Venon, Venon has hair under his top hat :
  • Post 10 Year Sir Venon has taunts that are references to the character Josuke Higashikata.
  • Post 10 Year Sir Venon is the first character who plays music upon activation of his flame.
  • If Post 10 Year Sir Venon is maxed out with 50/50/50 he will play music from his amplifier.\
  • Post 10 year Sir Venon's weapon was created by the Roblox user phillycheese9.