Team Different Dimensions is a rival of the Alliance, considered primitive by Team Dimensionia due to the team not changing their name when Dimensionia did. They can be presumed as being a mafia firm due to the Alliance also being one.

They have been accused of sending the D-Force to assassinate the Alliance, however this is entirely untrue, much to the chagrin of Cielo and Uccide.


Team Different Dimensions
Uccide de la Leone James Redon Doof Frostworld Basic Smith Mauvais Chief
Uccide de la Leone James Redon Doof Frostworld Basic Smith Mauvais Chief


After the D-Force are forcefully removed from the Dimensionia base, the teams begin to assume that Team Different Dimensions sent them, as the D-Force had called them "Team Dimensions," an older name used by Dimensionia. The Alliance as a whole begins begins to brigade the Different Dimensions base.

After making it through resurfaced Trumpet Gang member Moe, inactive member Twig, and Shakti Rubrum collectively, the Alliance discovers the geological formation concealing the base. Immediately, they are mobbed by followers who are quickly defeated, and their commander, Mauvais Chief, eliminated.

Immediately rushing to the base, Cielo discovers Uccide and his three lieutenants. He begins pressuring Uccide to confess, but the four quickly denounce the team by claiming that they never hired the D-Force, which may be true. Uccide's team challenges the Alliance, but loses. The teams quickly depart in chase of other problems, like Xenon Karambit and the remnants of the Trumpet Gang.

Team Different Dimensions returned in Act 41 at the Alliance's base. They challenge the team, but loses once again.


  • All Team Different Dimensions members use an unique animation set. It causes them to display as striding with their hands and arms folded, as if casting something.
    • There is an animation for them that has their arms outstretched, which is only used with Mauvais uses his turret attacks.