Team Dimensionia is the first of the two teams making up a firm known as the Alliance. They are currently lead by Cielo de la Asad. Their base is a yellow-themed building which is home to both teams Dimensionia and Varia. They had a former name which was 'Team Dimension'.

Dialogue in Act 59 suggests that ten years later, extreme shifts in personality amongst the team's members have significantly impacted the ability for Dimensionia to function as a team, and that at least some members have withdrawn from active combat for unknown reasons.

Following Chris Crox's damage to the space-time continuum, they are currently seven of the 18 confirmed allied individuals left unaffected by his timelock and thus allowed to age and progress forward in the timestream.

The names used for the main seven are allegedly fakes used to hide their identity, but it is unknown whether or not this extends to the rest of the Alliance.



Team Dimensionia
Drakon kyrane BananaKingz Godlysinha Mauri MegaSmiley
Drakon Kyrane Ducasse Jonquil Cielo de la Asad Maurice Altara Rufaro Hyperius
SonozakiRaito Mack Nyte Xenon Saber
Shuu Lumina Mack Nyte Xenon Karambit (Former)