Twig is an inactive and possibly defective member of the renegade mercenaries known as the D-Force. He is a ghost bat-like creature who lives in a ghost town, and is close friends with Gardi Nakara.


Twig is a humanoid bat-like creature. He has no head, rather, his face is a ghastly formation on his chest. He also carries a large pair of fallen angel-like black wings, along with some plating on his arms.


Twig is supposedly a normally amiable person. However, his days in the abyss working at a fictional McDonalds parody called "McDragers" (referencing drager980, the creator and McDonalds itself) have caused him to frequently express a foul-mooded and grumpy attitude, easily offended by Emily Belle's anti-superstitious beliefs.

The last words in his sentences are always the ones that drive his point. Twig uses the same ghastly tone that Gardi uses in said last words.


Gardi Nakara

Twig is a close friend with Gardi, despite Twig having worked for a rival group. This may be part of the reason Twig decided to follow the Alliance on their adventures.

Emily Belle

Twig is easily offended by Emily, who is certain that ghosts don't exist, despite Twig himself being one, calling it a lack of manners. Gardi also shares this opinion as well.


  • His experiences with a terrible fast food restaurant may be a reference to Burgerpants from the popular Indie game, Undertale.
  • He also is playable character, I can't say the abilities correcly because I onyl saw Darkkyraki using him, but he seems to only have 3 abilities.