Uccide de la Leone is the leader of Team Different Dimensions . He is a skeleton.


Uccide is a skeleton. His head is replaced with a skull. He also wears a white suit, and a black-framed crown with various skull-shaped jewels in it, likely denoting leadership in his team.


Uccide is a rather snarky and brash leader. He also has a speech lapse, frequently saying the word "punk," and later uses this against the Alliance after this quickly annoys them.


Cielo de la Asad

Uccide is Cielo's archnemesis, but yet almost alike due to their middle name,"de la".


  • Uccide draws many parallels to Papyrus from Undertale. Both are skeletons, have a catchy speech lapse, are somewhat snarky and odd at times, and have some of their theme centered around their lapse. However, whether or not this is a direct correlation is unconfirmed.
  • Uccide de la Leone roughly translates to "Killer of the Lions."