Ultoris Tenebrae is an intern, created by the user UltorisTenebrae


Previously during his debut release, Ultoris is a stratus user who appears as an adolescent male with auburn colored hair and a blindfold covering his eyes. He also wears clothes resembling those of an assassin, he wears a blank expression on his face, and dons a katana behind his back.

After his revamp update, Ultoris now wears a Stratus suit to match his element power and a red blindfold with "Doom" imprinted in braille, and purple hair.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Cross-Slash "Slashes his sword for high damage." 15 (30 with second sword) 1 Second
E Doomskull "Fires a flame skull in the mouse direction for medium damage." 20 0.5 Seconds
R Tele-flurry "Does a flurry of slashes at the nearest enemy for massive damage." 25 (per slash)

50 (per slash with second sword)

About 5 Seconds
F Dual Wield! "Equips a second sword doubling his melee damage." N/A About 10 Seconds


-Increase Ultoris' maximum health.

-Increase Ultoris' movement speed.

-Decrease Ultoris' melee cooldown.


Ultoris is quiet, and accomplishes things by himself like other stratus users, he also seems to be a know-it-all and often starts sentences with the words "You know..." he became blind when he was 14 and is looking for a relic to restore his sight.

The personality was given by the creator, although the personality may or may not be the same as given since he has not a full appearance in the story.


None as of yet, since he has not made a full appearance in the story.

Bugs and Glitches

If you kill an enemy with Teleflurry, (R) You get stuck in one place. The common thing to do is reset!!! until this problem is fixed.


  • Ultoris is currently the fastest character without upgrades out of all the playable characters.
  • Ultoris Tenebrae translates to "Dark Avenger," in Latin.
  • He's Japanese.
  • Despite his red suit, he is a stratus user due to his aura when equipping his weapon.
    • This has been changed when Ultoris recieved a revamped appearance.