Vantas Acantar is a character who was created by UncreativeName123.


She is a robot with a bone robot helmet who also wears a bone armor suit. She doesn't appear to have a face.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Vantas will begin to spin, damaging enemies hit by her fists. Vantas gains additional lifesteal for 5 seconds with each target she hits. Unknown 0.5 Seconds
E Vantas jumps up and slams on the ground, dealing major damage. Unknown Unknown
R Vantas sacrifices some of her life to give a 5 second damage buff to ALL allies. Buff Unknown
F Vantas shoots a powerful burst of power from her body, any enemy hit will be stunned for 5 seconds. Unknown Unknown


Not much can be seen about her personality, only that Vantas is mostly a quiet person possibly due to Xor's experiments. Judging by her attack animations she also seems to be very clumsy.



Vantas is an experiment made by Xor and is treated very lowly by him.


  • She was originally going to be named Vanessa' but was changed to "Vantas".
    • Vantas' name is based off the song's name, Vanitas, that was used for her fight.