Vis is an intern, created (and evidently scripted) by Visleaf.


Vis is an adolescent girl with white skin and bunny ears wearing a "Got Milk?" visor and a red suit with a black tie. Vis also has a puff of fluff on her lower back that looks like a bunny tail.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Vis launches a bunny blob for medium damage." Unknown Unknown
E "Vis charges, then summons a bunny blob for use in attacks." Unknown Unknown
R "Vis restores health by sending a bunny blob back home." Unknown Unknown
F "Vis enters/ leaves marble mode. Marble mode allows Vis to roll around at "the speed of sound". This move can be used for both evasion and dealing damage. Unknown Unknown


-Increases Vis' maximum health.

-Increases Vis' marble velocity.

-Increases Vis' maximum marble count.


Vis has a very relaxed and somewhat childish personality. Vis often ends sentences with "fam", which is a slang term for family. She is also keen on using the tilde symbol~.


Unknown as of yet.


When pressing E, sometimes the bunny blobs fall through the floor. When you get teleported to the next act, the marbles may take some time to come to you, or you will have to re-charge them.


  • In Act 31, a trading card featuring one of Vis/Visleaf's older outfits can be seen. This card is from Blox Cards, another project by Drager (which Visleaf ended up maintaining), where Vis also serves a role as a bunny merchant selling cards.
    • In this outfit, Vis just has black legs to represent khakis, a red torso to represent a tank top/sleeveless t-shirt, and a design of Super Meat Boy on the "shirt". The outfit appears to lack a shirt and pants, but a shirt was in fact used to give the torso its red color. Vis also sports the :3 face instead of the winking face.
  • Meat Boy is visible on Vis' suit, riding along in her breast pocket.
    • Vis' suit was made of discarded ties, Vis' tie was made of a piece of suit.