SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.
— Vritra Chernobog, after being exorcised by Drakon and realizing his powers

 Vritra Chernobog is a Team Dimensionia intern designed by user chaoszeroomega.


Vritra has the appearance of a late adolescent. His face displays as winking, but his long hairstyle covers half of it up, making it look more like a smug expression. His suit is green, and his icon has his left hand over his chest.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Gyro-zwei Fires a small-medium sized purple/dark coloured transparent cube with a smaller one on the inside, both gyrating heavily. 12 Unknown
E Sierpinski Minoris Vritra summons a powerful triangle to form underneath him, dealing medium damage. 25 Unknown
R Hexxer Blast Launches Vritra upward using mouse guidance. Pressing R again while in mid-air allows him to hold his position before falling back down. N/A Unknown
F None When used, a huge hexagon made of sierpinski triangles (Like E attack) inflicting one hit of slow and medium damage. This attack also increases Vritras' speed reasonably and heals him by half his HP. 20 Unknown


-Increase Vritra's 'Sierpinski Minoris' (E)'s expansion rate.

-Increase Vritra's hover time in the air with is 'Hexxer blast' (R).

-Increase Vritra's 'Gyro-zwei' (Left-click) bullet count.


Vritra is incredibly shy and awkward. This has been stated by Drakon to make him very hard to notice even in an open space. However, as teams Dimensionia and Varia marched to break the grip of the Trumpet Gang, they are stopped by Drakon, who quickly notices that Vritra is acting strange and quips, "What the hell did you do to Vritra, you demon." It turns out that Vritra was possessed by a demon after making a deal with it after both Vritra and Drakon were forced into the mafia. (This is revealed in Act 24 that the "mafia" Drakon describes is actually the cataclysmic event that resulted in the creation of the Alliance, the combined forces of teams Dimensionia and Varia.)

Vritra is also somewhat naive, as he willingly made a deal with a devil without a second thought. He also is big fan of anime, after Act 27 the only thing he wanted to do was to go back home and watch his anime.

The way that Drakon figured out that Vritra was under possession was due to his personality being different from his usual happy-go-lucky self, which was the first indicator that something had occurred to him.


Drakon Kyrane

Drakon and Vritra are currently familiarized with each other, as he was the one that introduced Vritra to the other members of the main seven. Drakon also appears to know Vritra very well, as he is able to tell the difference between his personalities when Vritra was under possession. Their relationship beyond that, however, is mostly unknown.

Vritra also seems to interrupt Drakon here and there; sometimes, when Drakon tries to say something, he gets interrupted by Vritra, who says the exact or almost exact same thing he is about to say. In Act 10, Vritra is interupted by the Console. He then replies with, "What a rude, omnipotent being to interrupt my speech," thus greatly angering Drakon.


  • Vritra's first name is most likely a reference to a dragon of the same name.
    • His last name, Chernobog may also be a reference to a Slavic deity, whose name means black god.
  • Vritra is often mistaken for being female by newcomers because of his hair.
  • IMPORTANT: If you see a player named "SirVirtra". He is NOT the real virtra, either a fan or just someone impersonating virtra himself