Winchester Rotomo is an intern for Team Dimensionia, who was created by the user coltdrum.


Winchester has the appearance of a late adolescent or a young adult. He has long red hair, a red suit, and carries a solid red guitar at all times.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fires a barrage of fast music notes in the direction you click. Very fast firing." Unknown Unknown
E Max Pitch "Increases Winchester's damage output and increases the number of notes he can fire at one time temporarily. Unknown Unknown
R Wonderwave "Creates a large circular pulse of fire underneath Winchester. Deals low damage." Unknown Unknown
F Rapid Rondo "Cause a rapid circular pulse that deals high damage to enemies." Unknown Unknown


-Increases 'Max Pitch' (E)'s duration.

-Increases 'Wonderwave' (R)'s range.

-Increases 'Rapid Rondo' (F)'s range.


Winchester speaks in an odd way, making up words relating to musical terms on the fly and sometimes adding the letters "zza" to the end of any word. He is heavily informal, and doesn't care to explain any of his habits or his statements.


Rufaro Hyperius

Rufaro does not approve of Winchester's manner of speech, at one point mocking him by saying "I swear you're making some of these words up, Winchester" while adding "zza" to as many words as possible.

Demixeur Rocktune

He may or may not be directly related to the hidden character Demixeur Rocktune, as they both appear to have the same appearance, know each other, and Demixeur's joke weakness, "Water Clones," may be a tongue-in-cheek poke at describing their origin. Demixeur Rocktune, according to fans, is 2x more stronger than Winchester Rotomo.


  • Winchester used to have the highest DPS out of all the playable characters. Recently, this has been beaten by Piniaha the White.
  • Winchester became the poster boy & mascot for the game out of nowhere and nobody questions why it's Winchester.
  • Strangely absent later in the story along with numerous characters.