SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.

Xor is the scientist found within Ineur's base. Xor is responsible for the creation of Vantas Acantar , alongside with having some suspicious ties to the character Gardi Nakara.


Xor appears to be a scientist wearing a white suit, with black dreadlocks and white sunglasses. In his character artwork he is seen without a face but during battle his face is smiling.


Although relatively calm, Xor can become extremely aggressive to those that he dislikes, or view as lower than him, such as Vantas and Gardi. Xor speaks to those he deems below him as peasants whilst those who have garnered his respect by their full name.

Example as following:

  • Respectful - "Cielo de la Asad, greetings."
  • Aggressive - "Come out, P E A S A N T."


Vantas Acantar

Vantas Acantar is a creation of Xor. However, Xor treats her extremely rude, referring to her as a peasant.

Nick Nebula

It is implied that Xor is on negative ties with Nick, as only seen when Nick dismisses conversation with the protagonists instead to try hunt down Xor.

Gardi Nakara

Gardi and Xor appear to have a secret between the two, along with Gardi being highly afraid of Xor rendering him speaking how he normally would when serious. While Xor threatening Gardi to not even give the fraction of a hint to them, if he does he'll annihilate Gardi from every temporal timeline.


  • Creates a wave of gray balls of energy.
  • Creates a red wave that gets bigger as it moves.
  • Creates a beam of energy similar to that of Esteban Finlay's E.
  • "Solemn Nova" - Creates a wave of reddish large energy, which negates any oncoming attacks.


  • Xor bears a similar appearance to the creator of Devil Beater, Drager, as all of his clothes (hats included) are inverted.
  • Xor had an original move called "Solemn Silence", which negates all damage done to the allies and on himself. However, as the time progressed, the move suddenly bugged out, so it was instead replaced with "Solemn Nova".