Yoshee Kahgee is an official character made by Falltz, who is based of the character Yoshikage Kira from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. He is coded by Darkkyraki.


Yoshee bares a similar appearance to Yoshikage Kira, but he has no hair, and a scar on his face. He also holds a cane. Though not shown in the portrait, he has a stand behind him which has pinkish colors.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Killer queen has already touched that doorknob Yoshee swings his cane releasing a projectile which explodes if it hits the boss/player. 500 2 seconds
E Stando Punch Yoshee sends out his stand to punch the player/boss infront of them. 750 3 seconds
R Sheer Heart Attack Yoshee sends out 5 small homing bombs that will explode on contact. 150 (Bomb)

250 (Explosion)

12 seconds
F KILLAH QWEN! Yoshee Sends out a large circle forms around him with the voice line "KILLER QUEEN, BITES THE DUST!" this freezes all of the players/bosses then healing all the players and then all the hp that was healed will go to the boss as damage. ??? 60 seconds
G idk A small quake. 550.

(150 lifesteal)

5 seconds


Yoshee's personality is much like Yoshikage Kira. He wants to live a peaceful life, but has a tendency to kill anyone who disturbs his life.


  • Increase Yoshee's health.
  • Increase Yoshee's speed.
  • Decrease Yoshee's cooldowns.


  • Originally, Falltz was going to buy in a joke character named "Acatus". But after Falltz got obsessed with Kira, he made Yoshee.
  • The name, "Yoshee Kahgee" is a pun nod to the original character.
  • Yoshee was a prize won by Falltz which was given to him by darkkyraki.
  • Yoshee Kahgee is the word Yoshikage but spelt how you would say it outloud.
  • Yoshee Kahgee loves hands. Like, he REALLY loves hands.
  • Yoshee was originally supposed to be a joke character.
  • Yoshee originally was never was supposed to heal himself with his E, he wasn't suppose to heal from his support moves at all! This was a bug in development which lead into darkkyraki ignoring it allowing it to get into the final build of Yoshee Kahgee. The F was also supposed to be something like a healing barrier but froze people.
  • Yoshee owns two cats and a kitten. One of the cats are black while the other is white. While the kitten is grey. They're normally taken care by Yoshee himself or who ever he tasks to take care of them.