Zac Ramsay is a playable character and was the first character to be added as part the Empire Arc event (Before it got canceled). He is based off the user zacaris and scripted by the user HellaAric .


Zac Ramsay takes the appearance of a gourmet chef with orange skin and a jack-o-lantern for a head. He dons a white chef's hat and wears a purple Spooky Tie around his neck. His weapon of choice is a metal skillet.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Hit nearby enemies with your pan. Graciously. 30, 2.5% Lifesteal 1 Second
E Homing Jack-o-Mass Create 3 pumpkins to follow you for a few seconds, after a while they will start to fire themselves at the nearest enemy for medium damage. 22.5, 7.5% Lifesteal Infinite (unfired), 5 Seconds (fired)
R Skillet Slam Drastically increase Zac's base stats for 5 seconds. 36, 5% lifesteal 6.5 Seconds
F RAAAAAW Taunts the enemy. Graciously. None 6 Seconds

Passive "I'm Leaving Discord" When Zac dies, he will create an explosion dealing damage equivalent to some of the damage he took when he was alive. 25% of Zac's max HP Occurs upon Zac's death


None as of yet, possibly won't even appear.


None as of yet, possibly won't even appear.


  • His last name "Ramsay" is a reference to Gordon Ramsay, a popular chef known for his 2 shows Kitchen Nightmares, and Hell's Kitchen
  • The player Zac Ramsay is based off of--Zacaris--also appears as a playable character in user Youre_Waifu's Before The Dawn, a survival horror game on ROBLOX. Before The Dawn's iteration of Zac is known as the "Headless Chef", and has the ability to spit-roast other players to immobilize them temporarily.