Zecon Vermeil is an intern, and is briefly the assumed leader of the Alliance due to the disappearance of both teams, and, once brought forward to ten years later, the fractured state of Team Dimensionia.


Zecon has an appearance of a late adolescent, with black hair, fedora, and a red suit


Key Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Zecon loads his gun, then blast a bullet in the mouse direction for medium damage 10 Unknown
E Zecon shoots a healing bullet upwards, allies hit heal themselves and Zecon N/A Unknown
R Zecon fires three bullets infront of him rapidly for high damage. 15 per bullet Unknown
F Zecon fires a homing bullet into the air, following the closet enemy. Dealing medium-high damage per second it hits. 25 per second Unknown


-Increase Zecon's maximum health.

-Increase Zecon's movement speed.

-Increase the size of Zecon's bullets.


Zecon maintains an authoritarian disposition among the interns. This is because he is quite possibly the oldest member of the Alliance, apparently being the only one legally capable of driving a vehicle, i.e over the age of 16. His sense of command eclipses the natural leadership given to Aether users, which is understandably upsetting to people like Jay.

Zecon's sense of authority enables him to speak in boldface, which has the effect of unnerving or commanding lower individuals with a high success rate.




  • Ironically enough, Zecon's driving skills are implied to be incredibly awful, to say the least. In the second map of Act 51, if one looks to the side after spawning in, they can see the Varia Vehicle (actually a school bus) crashed into a stone fence, and partially submerged in water. For added comedic effect, the bus is also oriented so that the rear end is the end submerged, a feat nigh-impossible in real life.
  • Zecon's F has been nerfed twice. The first nerf gave it a limited targeting range, and the second nerf reduced the overall mobility of the bullet, making it extremely difficult to use effectively.